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The Pet Grooming Spa

We feature a fashion, loving, clean, relaxing environment for your dog to be pampered and groomed at our Boutique /Salon...

We will provide you with a roomy and bright cheerful, atmosphere for your pet with a state of art facilitie and equipment.

Our kind, patient and caring staff who use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure that your pet has a positive grooming experience.

Our goal is to exceed our clientele's expectation.

At A GLAMOUR PET GROOMING SPA we love what we do.

A lifetime of experience in raising and caring for dogs.

"A passion and a career choice"

Our Philosophy

Where your best friend is pampered from nose to tail with our state of art services, gentle, professional certified groomers, and higher attention paid to your pet's individual needs. Look no further! At A Glamour Pet Grooming Spa we know that grooming is more than just a haircut. It is an art! That's why we pride ourselves in setting the highest standard in quality pet care and do more than just care for your pet's coat. We take into consideration all of your best friend's needs and offer lots of love and special attention in our bright, clean, state of the art facility. We have everything to make your companion happy, healthy and beautiful. Ana, owner-operator, offers her expertise in making certain that your companion will have the best experience. The professionals at A Glamour Pet Grooming Spa take pride in providing the best quality care in pet grooming so you and your companion are as comfortable as possible.

Give us a call or visit A Glamour Pet Grooming Spa and see for yourself.​

We Speak 
English - Portuguese - Spanish
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